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Xytronic LF-1600 Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

SKU: XY-LF1600 $89.00
Xytronic Lead Free Soldering Station. Ideal Tool For Both Service And Repair as well As Production Line soldering.

Key Features:
• Temperature Range Of 200°-480°C (400°-900°F)
• Heater/Sensor Failed Detection
• Spike Free Circuitry: Zero voltage protects voltage and current sensitive components (CMOS Devices) against transient   voltage spikes caused by using mechanical switches
• Earth Jack: Grounding conector for a grounding of the wire strap when required
• Password Protection: The temperature can be locked out with a password code
• Digital read out in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade
• Aluminum alloy housing
• Detachable AC power cord with plug. Engineered AC outlet for altertnating AC power plug and connector, specially designed    for individual CE countries requirements

Ships With
• 108ESD Soldering Iron pre-loaded with standard tip XY-44510601
• Iron holder w/tip cleaner
• AC power cord
• Manual