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Blue Lightweight Wrist Straps

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Light weight anti static wrist strap sets are great personal grounding solutions. They should be securely attached either directly to the ground or via banana jack to an ESD table mat or ESD floor mat. Compatible with all Botron constant monitors, table and floor mat grounds, as well as ESD bench grounds.

Material: Thermoplastic
Band: 5/8” – 9/16” With x 9 ½” Lengthl
Snap: 1/8” Stampled
Size: One Size Fits All
Resistor: 1 MegOhm
Coil Length: 6’
Coil Cord: Lightweight PVC
Breakaway Strength: Meets S1.1 of One to Five lbs.
Wire: 7 Strand Tinsel Wire
Banana: Barrel Type