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Conductive Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Heavy Duty Mats and Rolls

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These slip and soil resistant mats are 1/8” thick, available with or without 9/16″ or 1″ foam anti-fatigue backing. They exceed both EOS/ESD and Department of Defense requirements. Available in Black runners, and pre-cut floor mats with molded edges and grounding hardware. All pre-cut mats come with attached snap and one BT-B9701 floor mat ground. BT-B9701 when properly setup will provide a grounded area for use with heel and toe grounds. For grounding rolls please see hardware (each mat will need a snap and ground to be effective).

Material: 1/8″ thick vinyl construction
Available with Heavy Duty 9/16″
or Super Duty 1″ Thick Cushion
Foam Backing
Dissipative Top Layer

Meets Standards:
Fed Std 101 Method 4046

Top layer <106
RTT (Resistance Top to Top)
105-106 Ohms
RTG (Resistance to Ground) 105-<106 Ohms
Charge Decay Time 5000 volts
to 50v <0.01 Seconds