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90 Degree Coil Cords

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These 90 degree coil cords are made of black PVC cord and 7 strand tinsel wire with superior strain reliefs at both ends. All 90 degree coil cords come with a built in 1meg Ohm 1/4 watt resistor at snap end. What makes the 90 degree unique from other cords is it’s versatility to fit in tight spaces. Available in lengths of 6′ and 12′ long.

Our ESD safe coil cords are great for personal work station grounding, wrist straps and smocks, as well as portable grounding with the included alligator clip. The non-slip banana jack provides an excellent connection to both common point and bench grounds. Because of it’s design the 90 degree coil cord is a perfect solution for wall mounted testers and test stations as well as areas that lack the space to accompany our standard coils.