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Dual Black Metal Wrist Straps

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Fully adjustable dual wire metal wrist strap sets are available with a 6′ or 12’ standard coil cords. Its stainless steal carbon free design makes it an ideal solution for clean-room environments. The ESD ground cord is tangle free and built to withstand the rigors of the work environment. It’s adjustable metal band is designed snag free and will not pinch skin.

Material: Black Metal Outer Surface
Inner Band: 2 – Stainless Steel
Back Plate: 2 - Stainless Steel
Face Plate: Black Composite Plastic
Snap: 2 - 1/8” Stampled
Size: One Size Fits All
Resistor: 2 - 1 MegOhm
Circumference: 8”
Coil Length: 6’ & 12’
Coil Cord: PVC
Breakaway Strength: Meets S1.1 of One to Five lbs.
Wire: 7 Strand Tinsel Wire
Connector: Mono Jack