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MG Chemical Fine Braid Super Wick 0.1 Blue

SKU: MG-426 $3.15
Wicking work best for the removal of surface solders. This desoldering method is generally not recommended for removal of solder in through plated holes. While the use of desoldering (wicking) braids is not hard, it does require a moderate to advance skill levels depending on the project. Novices should therefore practice on scrap pieces, before attempting to an actual repair.

• Oxide-free clean copper • ESD safe for all 1.5 m/5 ft bobbins • Only pure type 'RMA' rosin is used meeting the requirements of MIL-F-14256F (ANSI/J-STD-0004) • Manufactured under SPC guidelines • Designed to leave a residue that is environmentally safe
Category:Wick, MG Chemicals