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MG Chemicals No Clean Flux Paste

SKU: MG-834110ML $10.45
A unique mixture of high grade synthetic resin and thixotropic agents designed specifically for use with high temperature lead free and conventional Sn/Pb alloys. It provides the fluxing activity levels that promote fast wetting action and maximum wetting spread.

• Excellent wettability
• No clean
• Non-conductive, Non- tacky residues
• Compatible with Lead free & Leaded Solder Systems
• Thixotropic paste
• RoHS compliant

Our flux paste is a no clean formulation therefore the residues do not need to be removed for most applications. If a Conformal Coating needs to be applied on to the board for moisture protection then removal of the residue is require. In such a case, you will require the use of a Flux Remover.

Excellent wettability, no clean, non-conductive, non-tacky residues, compatible with lead free & leaded solder systems, thixotropic paste and RoHS compliant.