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Scienscope CMO-PK5E-LED-D

SKU: CMO-PKSE-LED-D $3,686.00

Binocular Head:
0°-45° Tilting Head

Microscope Body / Zoom Lens:
1:6 Zoom Body with 0.8x to 8x zoom range.

Dual Arm Boom Stand design has a linear ball bearing for support of its horizontal arms, which creates a smooth and   efficient gliding motion. This heavy duty stand is designed to support large research grade microscopes and offers   resistance to tip-over and vibration.

Focus Mount:
76mm Focus Mount. Rack and pinion with adjustable tension control.

Light Guide:
8-Point LED Ring Light. Features UV free, 8-Point high quality LED Light, 1 watt per bulb, an   adjustable/dimming control, ESD safe, RoHS Compliant, Build in optimum angle for even distribution of light, optional   polarizer available to eliminate glare and long life LED bulbs.

10X Eyepieces

Objective Lens:
0.5x Achromatic plan objective lens.