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Scienscope MAC2-PK1-E2D

SKU: MAC2-PK1-E2D $2,242.00

Microscope Body / Zoom Lens:
Scienscope Macro Zoom lens is designed for large filed of views, large range of working distance, and large depth of field applications. Range from 7" - 12" of working distance with a close-up/cover lens and from 11" to infinity without the close-up/cover lens. Up to 61.9 magnification.

Extended vertical post for great working distance, rack and pinion focusing with safety collar, 18" vertical travel for greater range of movement ideal for smaller parts or crowded work areas and 76mm E-arm/focus mount with a vertical travel of 1" up and down.

Focus Mount Adapter:
E-arm/focus mount adapter for Scienscope Macro Zoom series. 76mm to 47mm

C-Mount Camera:
720p HD Camera & 10" HD Monitor Combo features 1280 x 800 resolution @ 60fps (24-bit), 1/2.5" CMOS, image capture without a PC, HDMI output with wide screen format, Multiple cross hairs for quick gaging, dual interface (SD/USB combo) memory card allows you to conveniently transfer files without the need of a SD card reader on your PC, super easy auto-white balance for color accuracy and wireless remote with control functions; R.G.B, gain, cross hair generator, exposure, image capture, ans sharpening.

Ultra-compact LED adjustable ring light, UV free, 360° multi-points LEDs, built-in transformer and less reflection on specular surfaces.

MACRO Video Lens Specifications:
Focal Length (mm): 8.5 - 90
Aperture: f/2.5 - Closed
Zoom Ratio: 6:1 Parfocal
Iris Control: Manual
Focus Zoom Control: Manual
Video Mount: C-Mount
Camera Format: 1/2" or smaller