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Scienscope MAC2-PK5-E2D-D

SKU: MAC2-PK5-E2D-D $2,463.00

Microscope Body / Zoom Lens:
Scienscope Macro Zoom lens is designed for large filed of views, large range of working distance, and large depth of field applications. Range from 7" - 12" of working distance with a close-up/cover lens and from 11" to infinity without the close-up/cover lens. Up to 61.9 magnification.

The Dual Arm Boom Stand design has a linear ball bearing for support of its horizontal arms, which creates a smooth and efficient gliding motion. This heavy duty stand is designed to support large research grade microscopes and offers resistance to tip-over and vibration.

Focus Mount:
E-arm rack and pinion with adjustable tension control.

Focus Mount Adapter:
E-arm/focus mount adapter for Scienscope Macro Zoom series. 76mm to 47mm

C-Mount Camera:
720p HD Camera & 10" HD Monitor Combo features 1280 x 800 resolution @ 60 fps (24-bit), 1/2.5" CMOS, image capture without a PC, HDMI output with wide screen format, multiple cross hairs for quick gaging, dual interface (SD/USB combo) memory card allows you to conveniently transfer files without the need of a SD card reader on your PC, super easy auto-white balance for color accuracy and a wireless remote with control functions; R.G.B, gain, cross hair generator, exposure, image capture, ans sharpening.

Defused compact LED ring light, UV free, 360° multi-points LEDs, built-in transformer and less refection on specular surfaces.

MACRO Video Lens Specifications:
Focal Length (mm) 8.5 - 90 Aperture: f/2.5 - Closed
Zoom Ratio: 6:1 Parfocal
Iris Control: Manual
Focus Zoom Control: Manual
Video Mount: C-Mount
Camera Format: 1/2" or smaller