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Scienscope NZ-PK5-LED-D

SKU: NZ-PK5-LED-D $1,968.00

Microscope Body / Zoom Lens:
The NZ Stereo Zoom Microscope body is our most tough and sealed maintenance free design suitable for all industrial, electronic, and medical manufacturing applications. Ergonomic body design for effortless observation with detents smooth zoom knobs and high eye-point eyepieces that gives comfort far superior to many of our competitors.
With a new rugged and airtight housing and unbreakable eyepiece ports it is perfect for the rigors of the assembly or manufacturing environment. With the NZ stereo zoom binocular body, you will be able to view or inspect our work with unequaled clarity yet know that the durability of the microscope will never be compromised.

Maintenance-Free design:
• Airtight (prevents contamination from dust, oil, and water which reduces regular maintenance and services).
• Anti-mold (ensures the safety of the microscope when used in high heat or humidity environment).
• Anti-electrostatic (design to discharge the inner static electricity almost instantly which prevents sensitive applications from   being damaged). Thus it eliminate the cost of regular maintenance.

The Dual Arm Boom Stand design has a linear ball bearing for support of its horizontal arms, which creates a smooth and efficient gliding motion. This heavy duty stand is designed to support large research grade microscopes and offers resistance to tip-over and vibration.

Focus Mount:
E-ARM Rack and pinion with adjustable tension control.

LED Adjustable Ring Light With Power Supply, UV free, 8-point high quality LED light, 1 watt per bulb, adjustable/dimming control, ESD safe, RoHS compliant, build in optimum angle for even distribution of light, optional polarizer available to eliminate glare and long life LED bulbs.

10X Eyepieces

Auxiliary Lens:
0.5X Objective Lens for NZ binocular microscope series which gives a working distance of 211mm.