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Scienscope ELZ-PK5-LED-S

SKU: ELZ-PK5-LED-S $1,420.80

Microscope Body / Zoom Lens:
The new ELZ series from Scienscope offers high performance optics and features without the high performance price tag to match. The optical system is suitable for all industrial electronics and educational inspection applications. The internal mechanics are based on our dependable NZ series single spindle design and shares numerous structural advantages. The sealed microscope body is perfect for use in harsh environments as well as in clean rooms. The ELZ series is also compatible with all Scienscope mounting and hardware accessories.

The Single Arm Boom Stand has a solid cross block and brass inserts to improve the vertical and horizontal arm movements. Single arm boom stands are perfect for routine inspection of large samples where continuous horizontal movement of the stereo is not required.

Focus Mount:
E-arm rack and pinion with adjustable tension control.

Light Guide:
Fluorescent Ring Light with 360° shadow free white light. It is most economic light source and widely used for assembly/rework applications in the electronic industries.

10X Eyepieces for the SSZ-II microscope series (SZ-BD-B2A & SZ-BD-T3A). Eyepiece housing of 30mm diameter and built-in ±5 dual independent diopter adjustment.

Auxiliary Lens:
0.5X Objective Lens for ELZ binocular microscope series which gives a working distance of 177mm.