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Standard Adjustable Wrist Strap With 12' Coil 1/8" Snap

SKU: BT-B9028 $9.41
High quality adjustable anti static wrist strap sets are a 12’ standard coil cord design. They provide the performance and reliability of a metal band with the comfort of cloth. The blue knitted material has a soft outer area and a 5/8″ conductive area on the inside. Unlike many others which have 3-5 rows of conductive thread, these have a 5/8″ area of solid conductive material, the largest conductive area on the market.

Grounding and Mounting:
Conductive woven band and solid metal plate design provide superior reliability to ground. ESD Grounds come with a spring loaded 1/8″ (4mm) socket connectors to standard banana jack. Attaches to ground via standard banana jack or alligator clip. Each cord comes with a slip on alligator clip that attaches to the banana jack for greater expansion of use.

Material: Knitted 3/4″ wide Nylon
Conductive area: 5/8″ wide Conductive Woven Thread
Back Plate: Stainless Steel
Face Plate: Composite Plastic
Snap: 1/8" Snap
Size: One Size Fits All
Resistor: 1 MegOhm
Circumference: 8”
Coil Length: 12’
Coil Cord: PVC
Breakaway Strength: Meets S1.1 of One to Five lbs.
Wire: 7 Strand Tinsel Wire
Banana: Barrel Type