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Starter Soldering Kit

Included Everything You Need to Solder. Makes This Ideal For a Beginner as a Starter Kit or a Perfect Travel Companion For a Repair Tech.

Kit Includes:
• 25W Soldering Iron, Heats to 640°F(338°C) [XY-200PHG25]
• Tip Cleaner With Stand [XY-460]
• Desoldering Pump [XY-1000]
• Side Cutter w/Wire Catcher [XY-AX106]
• Flat Nose Pliers [XY-AX102]
• High Precision Tweezers [XY-OO-SA]
• Extra Conical Tip [XY-44240503]
• 22 Gauge SN63 / PB37 Leaded Solder [MG-488018G]
• No-Clean Super Wick 0.1” Blue [MG-426NS]