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PDR IR-E6 Evolution XL

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The PDR IR-E6 Evolution rework system is specifically designed to be ultra-accurate and providing the ultimate performance when repairing today's PCB assemblies. It can be easily configured to your requirements, with a good range of advanced features to choose from, allowing the operator to quickly and safely rework all types of components without overheating the component, adjacents or the PCB. It uses all the proven attributes of PDR's Focused IR technology.

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System Features:
• Advanced Focused IR Component Heating
• PDR Lens Attachment
• IR PCB Preheating (500mm x 270mm Heating Area)
• Advanced Professional Vacuum Placement System
• Component Nest For Precision Pick-up and Flux Application
• Advanced Professional Macro-Micro X/Y PCB Table
• Component Temperature Sensing - Non-contact, IR Sensor
• PCB Temperature Sensing – Non-contact, IR Sensor
• Auto Profile Process Control Software
• Camera/Prism Based BGA/C SP/QFN Alignment System
• Auxiliary Process Camera (Optional)
• PCB Cooling (Optional)