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Xytronic LF-168-3CD Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

SKU: XY-LF1683CD $85.00
Xytronic 60Watt Digital Soldering Station with NICHROME heating element. Upgraded from the exclusive 168-3C to include redesigned housing, digital read out and calibration port added to the front base for convenient fine tuning. Ideal Tool For Both Service And Repair As Well As Production Line Soldering.

Key Features:
• Temperature Range Of 150°-480°C (302°-900°F)
• Temperature Lock To Prevent Unwanted Adjustment
• Detachable Soldering Iron With 5 Pin Plug And Steel Locking Ring

Ships With:
• 207ESD Soldering Iron Pre-Loaded With Standard Tip XY-44415404
• A/C Power Cord
• Iron Hold With Tip Cleaner
• Manual