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Xytronic Duo Vac Fume Extractor Complete With Two Arm Kit

Xytronic Free Standing Fume Extraction System for Your Workbench to Remove Harmful Fumes From Your Work Area. You can Purchase Additional 1 Foot extensions of the Flex Arm (part # XY-81301AS) To Help customize the Arms to Your Specifications.

Ships With:
• 110V HV2E-FS Dual Vac Fume Extractor
• Two, ESD Round Nozzle 4.5” dia.
• Two, 2'Foot ESD Flexible Arm
• Two, ESD Table Bracket Adapter 2.5” to 3”
• Two, Heavy Duty, Max Grip Table Bracket That Won’t Shift
• 4 Hose Clamps
• Two, 5’Foot ESD Heavy Duty Ducting with Smooth Interior For Max Volume Performance