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Xytronic LF-3500 Lead Free Soldering Station

SKU: XY-LF3500 $210.00
LF-3500, 150 Watt, High heat, high Frequency soldering station. Lead free with fast climbing temeratures bring you rapid heat recovery.

Key Features:
• Heater / Sensor Failed Detection: If sensor circuit fails, the heater power is shut down.
• Temperature "Lock-Out" feature: The temperature can be locked with a password code - for production line management.
• Energy Saver: If the station is set to the auto sleep function setting mode , after the station has been idle for more than 20   minutes, this new feature will automatically kick in the energy saver feature has engaged, decreases tip temperature and   extends tip life.
• Low Voltage Output With Safety Operation: The power unit is isolated from the A.C. line by a transformer and allows   36VaAC to rive the heating element. Solder wand runs from 36 Volts for safety with 150 high power PTC heater for rapid   heat up and quick temperature recovery. The solder wand is attached with heat resistant, non-burning, flexible 6-wire cord.
• ESD SAFE AND SPIKE FREE CIRCUITRY: The “Zero Voltage” electronic switching design also protects voltage and current   sensitive components (CMOS devices, etc.) against damaging current and transient voltage spikes commonly produced by   less efficient, mechanically switched stations.
• Detachable AC Power Cord with Plug: Engineered AC outlet for alternating AC power cord with plug and connector, specially    designed for individual CE countries requirements.
• Earth Jack: With a grounding connector, there is the possibility for a grounding of the wire strap if required.

Ships With:
• HF150 Soldering Iron Pre-Loaded With Standard Tip XY-44413590(500-3.5D)
• A/C Power Cord
• Iron Stand 105c With Tip Cleaner
• Manual

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